Which profession should I focus?

If you met a non-human focused and highly capitalist company early in your career, then you might become obsessed with finding your dream job- like me!

On the other hand, if you start your career with a more humane company which offers you comfortable circumstances, then you might not think much about whether this job is what you want to do rest of your life or not. You do not care if it is boring or not. You have the money, less stress and more time to plan your evenings with friends.

Or maybe you find the jackpot and have both your dream job and company at once as your first job. Good for you! But if you still had to move to a foreign country and leave your perfect work life, then you’ll be definitely out of your comfort zone and you should prepare yourself not-so-perfect circumstances.

First jobs are kind of our childhood phase in work which shape our characters in the first year. Do you know which kind of experience did you have? Knowing yourself is the first step making an adult decision in the work 😉

For me, as I said, finding dream job was very critical. If I am gonna work 45+ hours a week and see my colleagues more than my family, then of course I should do something special with my life!

However, overall Sweden looks like Type 2 which majority has good and comfortable working conditions (in Turkey we do not close all business during a whooole month-this would be insane!)

Therefore, I need to decide: Will I pursuit my dream job or will I just adapt Sweden?

Weird thing about Sweden is after a few months you become too comfortable; people do not rush anywhere, say easily “no” if they do not want to do something and suddenly working does not seem too important.

So after I have my pros and cons list in my former post, I decided to compromise from my obsession of dream job (not totally, just a little bit) and decide to distribute my energy in three areas:

I will continue to pursue my career in Learning and Development and HR. I should be like a hawk for new ads, not to overlook them. I should find out more about the market, meet more people and prepare a cover letter/resume that tells how passionate I am and convince them my know-how is really good that compensate my not-so-fluent Swedish.

But I also thought about what I love about that profession and what will be the side professions similar to these tasks. And I come up with Internal Communication and Marketing. So these will be my side searches. However, I have to start these positions as entry level, which actually I am cool with it. I have to prepare fabulous! cover letters (which seems important in Sweden), find smaller companies possibly start-ups, prepare really hard for the interviews and hope for the best.

And lastly since I have two years of experience of Purchasing– and a bad company encounter which make me pursue my dream job- I will give this profession a second chance in Sweden but not give my full energy. I will just apply the ads I saw in this profession and see what it brings me.

You see, I have a plan! I will use my energy wisely not to be overwhelmed. If I decide to go all-in for every possible positions, probably I will end with poor cover letters/resumes, not much prepared interviews and at the end no offers.

So I am planning to distribute my energy more or less like this:

  • 60% will be Learning and Development & HR
  • 30% will be side professions of internal communication and marketing
  • 10% will be purchasing profession which I have experience

Do you have a plan? If you want to make a plan but not sure how to do it, next I will prepare a chart that-I hope- will help you think about it.



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