Job Boards in Stockholm

One thing I realize about Swedish job boards/websites is they’re mazes! You search jobs on one website and find a good position to apply, then you hit the Apply button and it directs you another job board- and guess what, that second job board then directs you the webpage of the company to apply. It’s really annoying, time consuming and also confusing – but you have to do what you have to do.

Most of the Sweden still uses company websites and emails for accepting applications – they may be ahead of world in many things, but job application process is not one of them. So you should prepare yourself sending too many mails with cover letters and resumes, and creating profiles in every other company website.

Anyway, back to today’s topic, if you do not want to perish in the maze of job boards, here are the essentials:

Arbetsförmedlingen – This is the official employment office of Sweden. And while seeking a job, it’s very important to enroll here. (It’s as critical as having the Swedish ID and if you moved Sweden recently you know what I mean – without it you will have reaally hard time)

In my country employment offices are not for everyone or for every job. So at first, it seems unnecessary to enroll, however everyone kept telling me I should look into it. So I did! And now I will keep telling you to enroll it 🙂

Even if for some professions (like mine!) it is not very helpful to look job ads on Arbetsförmedlingen, there are some other benefits. So just do it! And I will prepare a separate post for the details about Arbetsförmedlingen – how to enroll, what are the benefits etc.- wait for it 😉

Monster – Here in Stockholm, Monster is a popular job board. So if you are in Sweden, should be one of the main websites you check regularly and have a good profile.

Indeed – Actually this is one of the maze job boards that annoys me. However, also this is “the main maze”, so you should check it. Mostly it gathers ads from other websites but also has few original ones you can apply via Indeed. It is essential to check it regularly since it is the broadest job board of Sweden.

LinkedIn – Actually I heard not much talking about LinkedIn in Sweden, however there are quite many jobs. Also having a complete and well-established LinkedIn profile is always advised since recruiters may check your profile. So why not look at the jobs if you have a complete profile already? Personally, I check it every day.


Those are the four most important job boards of Sweden. There are a lot more of them- I tried to look every website, have profiles in all of them etc. but it really consumed me and I don’t think it is efficient since I just ran from one website to another. So I just started to focus on those 4 (or maybe I should say 3, after enrolling Arbetsförmedlingen, you may not need to check it frequently. The important part of Arbetsförmedlingen is the enrollment part, then you can relax about it.)

Below are the job boards that show just English job ads (they are mazes also which gathers ads from other platforms). However, English-written ads do not always mean they do not require Swedish language. You will realize most of them write somewhere in the ad that they need fluent Swedish (sorry for the disappointment! – but you will still see few good ads that you have a real chance, don’t panic). – The Local is the English written newspaper of Sweden and quite popular among foreigners. Its job board is also used by many. – It’s a European wide websites, but you can filter Stockholm and see the English job ads. – I believe it speaks for itself 🙂 Again, English job ads for Stockholm.

The Hub – It’s a job board of Start-Ups in Sweden and Denmark. Most of the ads are in English and start-up companies are both smaller (without that corporate processes of interviews) and more open to other cultures (which is good for English-speaking ones like us). Even if you do not get any job, you may have some internship opportunities. Since start-ups do not have much money, they are more open to alternatives with low budget and since we do not know Swedish and have to enter the job market somehow, we can be the ones that they are looking for.

Also there are many recruitment agencies in Sweden, but I am not sure how helpful they are for English-speaking job seekers- there are some conflicting comments I heard. As soon as I find out, I will also write about them.


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