Newbie in Swedish Job Market

Yes, it is important to know the culture, learn some Swedish tricks and doing some networking to find a job. But before all these action, there was a time you need to conduct some essential tasks about Sweden.

But what are those essentials? Probably every other person you met tells you something new that you need to do in Sweden!

“Oh, you should definitely register for Arbetsförmedlingen, it’s the national employment agency. I am not sure how you can register, but you should definitely check it.”

(You) – Arbets.. what?

“I heard that private employment agencies are helpful for your job search.”

(You) – Which agencies, what are the names?

“You should attend the Korta vägen, it’s for academics.”

(You) – Is it for university graduates look for jobs in business or is it for people to have academic careers in universities? Give me some details!

“You should learn Swedish, just check SFI.”

(You) – SF.. what?

There are too many things you need to check and register. And if you are like me, having hard times to be organized and go through all these “you-should-do-this” tasks, there is a useful platform:

Newbie Guide to Sweden

If you’re a Newbie in Sweden, don’t try to figure out all things by yourself. It’s really consuming and your chances are high to overlook some important stuff. So before starting your own journey in Sweden, just check the Newbie Guide to be sure you have everything you need in this journey.


It’s not only about job market in Sweden. It’s everything from getting an ID to culture, and of course it has broad information about working in Sweden.

I was hearing about a new thing every other day when I first moved in Stockholm, and it was hard to keep all of them in mind. There are too many things to learn and everything in here is new to me. So Newbie Guide is actually a Sweden 101 platform which makes your life easier and make you keep your energy for the actual journey.

So, first prepare for your journey with Newbie Guide to Sweden, and then let the adventure begin!


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