A Job Application with A Frustration

Last week, I wrote a post about passion. And this week my motivation is below zero. I guess a newcomer’s emotional status can’t be stable for a long time!  But it is important to share both frustrations and motivations because we need to accept all are normal.

Accepting the fact that some people are just rude…

Anyway, recently I applied a company in literature/publishing industry and I thought preparing a resume looks like a book and writing about my experience as a short story is a good idea. So after spending few hours working on it, I applied for the job.

Here is the first 2 pages if you want to see what I’ve worked on 🙂

I also wrote a separate email to Hiring Manager introducing myself and telling why I might be “the one”. (For those who don’t know Hiring Manager is the one who you will work for if you get the job, not HR.) This is a well-known and valid method for job applicants, however, I have some suspicions that in Sweden somehow it doesn’t work and it might even have a negative effect – I am still trying to figure out, so, for now lets just say it’s not a guaranteed method for Swedish market.

Back to the topic – I prepared this application and applied from the system and also sent an email to Hiring Manager. Since I’m looking jobs in HR sometimes those Hiring Manager and HR person can be the same but it is not for sure.

Here comes the frustration!

The Hiring Manager sent me this email as a reply:

sorry but this is not the way to apply for the job. Please go to …(website link)…
This is definitely not the way you interact with candidates… And it’s really sad since this is an HR manager who should know the importance of relations and all applicants deserve a decent conversation, especially if they spend time to learn more about your company and prepare a special application for you.
There are so many wrongs with this short email. She didn’t even bothered to write my name after “Hi” part but maybe I should be thankful that she wrote “Hi” at least. Or she didn’t write any “thanks” – how hard can it be? It’s really a sloppy email. And as HR, our number one priority is “people” – if I can’t have time to write a decent message to a candidate who is interested in my company, there is absolutely no reason for me to do this job.
The silver lining part is that- generally I mention in my email that I also applied through the system but this time somehow I forgot. But by this way, now I know how she would be as a manager if I got the job. And, for this reason, I’m truly thankful for her reply even if I feel sorry about missing another job opportunity.
P.S. On the same day of this email, she also sent me an automated rejection email from the system. But I guess it would be too naive to expect from her to write something more personal to a candidate you just sent an email in the morning.
Emotionally, the most hard part of searching for a job in another country is knowing you’re good at what you’re doing but since nobody knows you or your former companies, you had to deal with bad companies/people and find a way to keep your motivation high no matter what!
Feel free to share your frustrations, sharing is always helpful to move on 🙂

3 thoughts on “A Job Application with A Frustration

  1. Great blog! I’m having the same situation as you, I moved to Stockholm this January as my husband was offered a job here. I’m looking for a job but no positive result yet. Most jobs require fluent Swedish… Cheer up, girl! Good luck!


    1. Hi Yu! Thanks a lot for your support 😉 Swedish is “the most important” thing for jobs here no matter what you do (except IT of course). So it’s better accepting this fact early and starting to take a course when you have time 🙂 Meanwhile take your time to enjoy Sweden. Hope you get a great job soon! Let me know if you have any question about Swedish job market, I would be happy to help 😉


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