Getting paid for Jobbsprånget internship

Did you know you will get paid during your Jobbsprånget internship? I knew but I didn’t know the details and I need to make some digging – of course! since in Sweden, there is always too much information but it is hard to find the one you actually need 🙂

So those who are curious about the details, here they are.

Who pays your salary?

Is it the company you had the internship? Or Arbetsförmedlingen? Maybe Jobbsprånget?

The answer is “none of the above” 🙂 Försäkringkassan is the institution who makes the payment. This is the Swedish Social Insurance Agency. And the program name you will belong to is Aktivitetsstöd.

But all the institutions I listed above is linked to each other. First of all, the employer/company doesn’t need to pay a cent to you or to government for your internship (“praktik” in Swedish). That’s how Jobbsprånget convinces companies to be part of this internship program. This means cost-free employee for 4 months which makes your workload less 🙂

Jobbsprånget is a program for English speaking newcomers and offers 4 months internships. You can read details about the program from my previous post.

You have to be registered in Arbetsförmedlingen to be eligible for Jobbsprånget internships. You can read about the details on Arbetsförmedlingen from another previous post 🙂

I have known all of these institutions but Försäkringskassan was new to me in this equation. Luckily, you don’t need to do much to get payment from them if it is a Jobbsprånget internship since they handle the most of the process for you.

My guess on how the system works is – your company sends a form including your details of employment to Jobbsprånget or Arbetsförmedlingen. Then Arbetsförmedlingen sends your details to Försäkringskassan. In the end, you get a letter to your house from Försäkringskassan that declares you will get paid during your internship and what you should do to get this money. Of course, all these connections won’t happen too quick in Sweden so it may take few weeks after your internship started 🙂

How much payment would I get?

There are 2 types of payment status which you can check from Aktivitetsstöd page but if you are like me who is new in Sweden, you will probably get paid SEK 223 per day.  This is of course before taxes so you will get less than this per day but the taxes are lower since you’re an intern. This means something around SEK 3500 – 4000 if you work full month. So even if this is not a proper salary, it is quite good amount if you are earning “0” right now 😉

What are the conditions?

After getting the letter from Försäkringskassan, you should register their system “Mina Sidor“- they also have an app with the same name which makes life easier 🙂 You need to enter monthly reports to this system to get your payment. You also need to enter your bank account details in the beginning to get the money.

In the monthly activity report, you basically declare you worked that month and the amount of days you worked. So if you’re absent for a week for some reason (could be also for vacation), you should declare it too. There is a section after you entered the dates of your work month which asks you whether you worked every day or you were absent for some time. When you checked you were absent, then there will be new section for you to enter the days of absence.

They calculate your salary according to days of your declaration. And it takes 2 weeks to get the money in your account after you send your monthly activity report – better late than never 🙂

When you finished the internship, both Jobbsprånget and Arbetsförmedlingen requests from you some information whether you will continue to that job or still job searching etc. Jobbsprånget also checks with the employer too. So my guess is one of these inform Försäkringskassan that your internship has finished 🙂

You can continue having an internship but there is a limitation how long you can get paid. Again, you can check Aktivitetsstöd page for more information.

Need more details?

If you need to know something else about your payment, I think best place to contact is Försäkringskassan – if they can’t help, then I guess Jobbsprånget is the second best option.

Employers doesn’t know much. My colleagues had no idea and since Jobbsprånget handled all process related with Arbetsförmedlingen & Försäkringskassan, employers doesn’t need to know the process. And most of the Swedish companies actually don’t cooperate with Arbetsförmedlingen that much – so your chances are low to get reliable information from your employer 🙂

As always, feel free to ask me too if you have any other concerns or share your own experiences 😉



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