Me, Myself and I


I am a hopeless job hunter. Somehow I manage the search process quite well, however when it comes to staying at that job, I cannot stay- I guess life happens!

I am 27 years old and I had two and a half jobs in my life (one was part time).

My first unemployment was immediately after my graduation and it took six months. I studied International Relations but I did not know what to do with my life after graduation, so it was quite miserable search. Then, I started my career as Purchaser in sports retail market. Two years later, I decided to have a career shift to HR – this is where my second unemployment comes in as three months. I always know I want to shift since my first days as a purchaser but “where to shift” part was quite complicated to figure out and took some time. Luckily I found a job as a part-time Headhunter and then, finally, got my dream job as a Learning and Development Specialist.

However, life happens – in our case in a good way. My husband got a job in Stockholm, Sweden and we moved here. He is a software engineer, and as you all know they are the new rock stars. I believe in certain countries most of the qualified unemployed ones are spouses of software engineers who relocate frequently!

So here I am, looking for a job- again.